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The Real Saturday Post

This is the real post. The Satireday post was just a gag.

But it is never-the-less true, I do spend more time browsing the booze aisle in the supermarket than my brisk perusal of the rest of it for necessities.

marvinI just noticed that the WankerBot from Montreal, Canada has attacked my Nether Region blog with 2,500 +/- hits.

Why does he bother? All it does is stuff up my stats for the month. Get a life!

I managed a trip to the supermarket this morning, apart from a bottle of Martini Rosso, the rest was boring stuff, eating stuff, cleaning stuff.

Today is all about Formula One practice at Interlagos in São Paulo. Not that I’m interested, it’s freakin’ boring.

Luxury-yachtSaw a post this morning on luxury yachts. Honestly, this is criminal. Things like luxury yachts should have a 1,000% tax on them, make these playboy bastards pay for their indiscriminate use of resources.

Anyone with the money to splurge like this should be paying 99% income tax. The whole idea of the super-rich is disgusting. Buy a freakin’ dingy.

vvvWonderful bumper sticker: Veni, vedi, visa – I came, I saw, I did a little shopping!

Then I saw this on google.

I don’t like credit, but the humour doesn’t escape me.

Raining today, rained yesterday, will rain again tomorrow. That’s the weather forecast.

Refreshingly cool, which is a change from the punishing heat during the rest of the week.

Cloro has a new friend. A little black sort of tortoiseshell kitten. One more cat in the neighbourhood to feed. Now I have four who will invade the house to steal Cloro’s food.

As for the rest of the wekend, I have planned nothing. I should be successful.

No, that’s a lie. I need to finish printing a hard copy of my grammar book to proof read.






My favourite place in the supermarket…


I spend more time browsing here, than in the rest of the shop.

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