Ye shall rest, saith the Lord.

restareathumbSo I did.

Which is why I only have two posts done today You see I wasn’t the only one resting from my labours, the internet was as well. It was God awful slow.

So after washing the dishes and cleaning house, I tried to blog, but the ways of the net were not to be entertained, if fact, it wasn’t remotely entertaining, so I had a nap. It seemed the only sensible thing to do. Cloro helped me nap, he’s such a good boy.

When I woke it was lunchtime, so the next sensible thing to do was make lunch. It was faster than the internet.

I had a little pig.


Clean diced pork & parsley

Now God said that we can eat of the animals and fowl, but not pigs and a few others; they were unclean. But, as I’m not Jewish, I couldn’t see the problem.

I had golden cubes of pork in a parsley cream sauce, boiled potatoes and pumpkin with roast pumpkin seeds. Lunch was so yummy, nom, noms.

There was only formula One on TV, and a load of crap on the other channels, so after lunch I switched it off and read the news. Nothing good there either.

So the only sensible thing to do was return to resting.

I had another nap.

Helped by Cloro, of course. In fact, he’s still helping. He lifted his head briefly as I got up, and flopped back down, the effort exhausted him.

Now before I go off on my tangent, which is rather like a bicycle without a seat; one has to keep on ones toes, or it can be a little uncomfortable. I’ll share with you my secret for spicy roast pumpkin seeds.

spicy roasted pumpkin seedsYou need pumpkin seeds, wash them and let dry.

Make a marinade of olive oil, Tabasco sauce, garlic sauce (or chopped garlic), salt and, today, I had some chopped parsley left over, so in it went. Line a small oven dish with foil, spread the marinated pumpkin seeds in a single layer, and pop into a low pre-heated oven until golden.

Careful, the window between golden and burnt to a crisp is milliseconds. Serve. Can be used with food, or beer.

So, it is now beer o’clock. Time to take some pumpkin seeds to the botequim and watch football with beer. This is also called resting.

I may/may not return to blogging; the net is still resting.