Lots of rain

Today – Lots of rain

Okay! That’s enough!

Day 1 – Rain: Lovely and cool.

Day 2 – Rain: Refreshing.

Day 3 – Rain: Great for the garden.

Day 4 – Rain: Wetting everything.

Day 5 – Rain: This is getting boring.

Day 6 – Rain: That’s enough already!

Yesterday, I commented how Cloro has learned to turn on the printer. It lead to a comment from Shana, “I hope your printer isn’t a scanner as well…hundreds of copies of Cloro’s butt lol”

Well, you guessed it, it is…


Cloro’s furry little butt

Of course, it was contrived, Cloro hasn’t discovered the scan button yet. He wouldn’t stay still long enough for a full scan, that long purple light rippling along under ones buttocks can be quite unnerving.

i-need-a-prozacI read a post today about a poodle on Prozac. I can’t see the point. It was prescribed by a vet for aggression; it bit the owner once.

I mean poodles are neurotic beasts, but Prozac, give me a break. Just give it coffee, that’s how I survive.

Is this AnimalBigPharma?

Man flowers, ever heard of them?

No, me neither.

Man flowers

Man flowers

But I saw this on Wine Wankers.

Want to see what it’s all about, click on the link.


News Flash!

There is a pause in the rain… It’s too early to say it’s stopped, but at the moment there is no rain!

We return you to our regular programme.

Yes, I know, but guaranteed it’ll start again at 3:30, just as I step outside the door to walk hobble to work.

I am still having breakfast at 12:30. I started breakfast at 8:30 and have been drinking coffee since, so it’s still breakfast time.

I need a nap…

cassetteLeaving you with this thought:

“Young people of today will never know the joy of having a cassette stuck in the car stereo & listening to the same 12 songs for 20 years.”