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Totally Screwed!

I have been

I have been

Yup, screwed, totally and unreservedly.

More than 24 hours without reasonable net access.

I am a tad more than miffed.

My levels of tolerance have risen beyond those that one considers reasonable.

For me the (one of the) most important dates of the year, and I had reasonable access between 6am and 8:20 and managed two posts; since then nothing. I can read emails and notifications, but I can’t do a bloody thing about them. I have sort of managed to read the news.

The patience required to get this post, piecemeal though it is, ready has grossly surpassed my normal limits.

I spend the afternoon in despair, also at the botequim where I entertained the fregües (regulars) with whisky, Drambuie and  Tequila, all of which left me three sheets in the wind.

Nap needed.

Now, I find that I have some access o the net and am jumping, ney, leapingatthe chance to wish you all a

Happy New Year 2014

The graphic that I had planned will not upload, gives you an idea of the problems I am facing.

Yay, made it, finally

Yay, made it, finally

The rain has started. It has been threatening for three days, and now it is pissing persisting down with thunder and lightning.


I am receiving notifications of comments okay, just the replying is erratic.

Hopefully, when I press the ‘post’ button, something will happen.

Until next year.

Scary Moments II

The most hated part of my therapy

The most hated part of my therapy

No, no catnappings today!

Cloro is home safe and sound.

Scary moment came at the supermarket checkout. Expensive therapy today.

Nearly gave me a mental hernia.

Back again…

Had a problem. I had to reset PC, and it didn’t want to connect to the wifi. But then of course it is Monday. The last Monday of the year and I somehow thought that I might escape these Mondayish blights. Silly, silly me. After an hour and a lot of very blue air I managed to coax it back to life. Maybe it was the threat that it would begin life in the New Year by flying somewhat ungracefully through the window.

We’re almost on the final lap, in a little more than 24 hours 2013 will be consigned to history. I don’t really celebrate New Year, after all it’s just another day. I haven’t made resolutions for many years. When I did, I never stuck to them. But this year I have made one, not for me so much, as those around me.


There, I think that’s fair.

We aren’t the only ones having a heatwave; Argentina is too. They’re complaining about 35°C, today here we had 40°C with a thermal sensation of 50°C, now that’s hot.

At the other end of the scale, I saw on TV Saturday, the Arctic Marathon. Now that’s just plumb crazy.

It’s later than usual, soaps and news have started, so…


Scary Moments

The day started late. I slept in.

Latest photo of Cloro

Latest photo of Cloro

I needed cigarettes, so evading Cloro, I made it to the shop and back, leaving him to poop on the neighbour’s sand, that was the last I saw of him. I got home for a nap, woke, made a snack for lunch and realised it was beer o’clock, off to the botequim.

Bad news. One of the locals told me that a car had stopped, grabbed Cloro and driven off; that was about 11:30 Then came conflicting reports, he was seen as late as 2pm by Reimundo at the bar, but no further news.

bond007skyfallMorosely I went home. Tried to nap, couldn’t. Watched the James Bond movie Skyfall. Hmmmm, okay but lacked the savoir fair of Sean Connery days.I thought M was the best character.

Back to the botequim; the fregües consoling me over Cloro’s Houdini. Then suddenly one pointed out that Cloro was sitting under the table in the park eating chicken bones; which is common at BBQs.

So I was reunited at 5pm with a wary, dirty cat. He’s home now with a feed of minced meat; quite unaware of the turn he gave me; and fell asleep under the old coffee table.

Kids cause parents heartaches.

So the day has passed by me. I got some blogging done, but still more to go.

Another sweltering hot day, more than 40. But the storm clouds have cooled things off now.

Must blog along.



I’m trying, really trying

I really am.

This is a little beer, I had big boys' beers

This is a little beer, I had big boys’ beers

These things happen on Mondays, not Saturdays.

First the power went out, so I did the only sensible thing; I went to the botequim for a beer.

After the first beer the power was still out, so the only sensible thing to do was have another beer.

At the end of that beer, the power was still out and I needed relief, so off to the toilet; I had forgotten the power was out and it was really dark in there. But no problem, I remembered where I put it and I remembered where the urinal was, so the mission was completed.

The power was still out, so the only sensible thing to do… was have another beer.

The power came on, fortunately about the same time as I finished the third beer.

Home, turned on PC, started no problems. Logged in to net, no problems. Had a nap, no problems. Woke up, and I had been disconnected.

Tried connecting, tried again, and again the little vela (candle = activity light in PC) flickered, then unflickered, then flickered again, and… this was getting boring. Looked out the window. Sky across the park looked sort of like this:


Which explained the ominous rumbling that was getting closer. Thunder, so I started writing this post between flickrs and unflickers, now it seems to be flickering okay.

When I left the botequim, the day was scorching hot, so hot it made me sweat just lifting the glass; and now an hour + later, thunder.

Me thinks we are in for rain.

Last night was a bit limp. Yes, we had free beer, but the food amounted to snacks. I had saved myself all day for dinner, and they served snacks. Not amused. Didn’t win the tablet, but I got a T-shirt as a booby prize. A T-shirt with the company logo, no less.

So as the first wave of leavers got up to leave, I did too, smiling politely; and went off to the sushi restaurant for a real dinner.

Murky green, caldo looks a bit grotty, but tastes great

Murky green, caldo looks a bit grotty, but tastes great

Got the bus home okay, got off at the wrong stop; three stops too early. Dying of thirst, wasabi does that, found a cafe open with fresh caldo de cana (sugar cane juice).

One of my ex-students was there with wife and daughters, the younger of whom pointed out that I had dribbled soya sauce all down my front…

How embarrassing! I had walked through the posh mall, caught the bus, walked through the bus station, totally unaware.

After that encounter I walked home totally conscious of the brown stain down my front.

Slept terribly, up on an hourly basis with thirst.

Which basically brings me here, all blogs posted, and I have successfully told my tale of woe. Even if I did manage to post one post on the wrong blog.


A Light Lunch

lemoncakeToday I am having a light lunch.

Lemon cake & sparkling mineral water.

There are two reasons for this; firstly to counter the gluttony of the past few days, and secondly, I want to leave room for tonight’s excesses.

One of the English courses I work for is putting on a ‘do’ at a restaurant. Free food, free beer; they sure know how to generate an interest. They got me at ‘free’.

The lemon cake is nothing fancy, just a slab I picked up at the supermarket. I don’t do cakes, just eat them.

worcestershire-sauce-lea-and-perrinsI have to leave home about 3pm because I have to have some therapy. There are a couple of things I want to buy; particularly to restock on my Lea & Perrin’s Worcestershire sauce. I will probably find a bottle of wine or two as well.

Fish and chips just don’t taste the same without L&P’s.

One has to treat oneself to small luxuries. I

Oh, just had a big surprise. One of my students arrived to pick me up for a, you guessed it, BBQ lunch. But they forgot to tell me about it.

The idea appealed immensely, so we have rearranged it for next Friday to add to the New Year debauchery.

I can’t miss this one tonight, because they are raffling two tablets and other prizes. I imagine there will only be about 15 people there so the chances are good.

Now it’s time for lunch and a nap.


It’s not over yet

funnycatgoutBBQ Christmas Eve

BBQ Christmas Day

BBQ Today

Dinner out on the course tomorrow.

Oh my gout is going to kill me!

And it all starts again for New Year. Then I have a week to recover before my fist classes.

Seriously, New Year won’t be as heavy as Christmas.


You all know how I hate selfies.

The girls took control of the camera yesterday, and guess what? Selfies…

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it's a selfie

My two xodos (darlings), yes, it’s a selfie

They managed 130+ photos before the battery gave out exhausted. I resuscitated it this morning.

Must away, my soap-opera is due to start…


Goodwill to all men…

christmas-tree-decorations2…and the women and the kids.

For me Christmas has just started. I woke up and now have my first coffee of the day.

For most Christmas is nearly over.

It started in New Zealand (not as they said on Brazilian TV in Australia) some 20 hours ago, so the rest of the world has already celebrated, while for me it’s 9am and the day is just beginning. Only the USA and most of the Pacific region are left to begin.

I didn’t get round to posting yesterday, I was busy partaking of the Christmas spirits that were available from the botequim. There was also BBQ, so by the time that finished, I was slightly beyond blogging. Thankfully Christmas only comes around once a year.

So let me wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Did you realise that it is also Humpday today?


I made this a couple of days ago to celebrate a Humpday Christmas.

I won’t get a lot of blogging done today, I have the ex and kids coming over in a few hours for BBQ. Hopefully, the rain that has plagued us for the last few days will hold off.

Now I have a shit load of work to do, not in the least to clean out the fridge because the tray of defrosting meat overflowed and the trays at the bottom are now full of blood. Trials and tribulations.

So, I will off and tackle the necessary for a festive day.


Major Balls Up

A close relation to General F**k Up.

Either one, really, describes today.


Wi fi circuit board like this

I finally got hold of my wi-fi server about 9am. After some fiddling, he admitted that something major had happened and he’d be round after lunch to have a look.

He looked.

It appeared that my wi fi board had died.

He bypassed the problem with another wi fi that plugged into the telephone plug… no driver.

So my PC went out the door with him to install the driver and give the guts a spring clean which it needed badly.

PC was finally returned about 8pm, and now I am trying to catch up on a days blogging, the news and visiting other’s blogs.

So I have been PCless for the day, time for a few beers.

Now I must blog along, get over this disaster, and get back to normal… Oh I hate that word.

Today, was truly worthy of a MONDAY! I even posted Tuesday’s post on Eco-Crap a day early.





I have been without the net, or at the very best intermittent net for 24 hours, since 7pm last night.

I have managed one letter to my brother and one post on Things that Fizz & Stuff in that time. Worth reading.

In a different bottle, hope it tastes the same

In a different bottle, hope it tastes the same

I am NOT amused.

I finally gave up at 1pm and had a BBQ lunch at my favourite restaurant to commiserate, then I went for therapy at the supermarket.

I had no qualms, nor spared a single shred of guilt as I put the R$85 bottle of Drambuie in my shopping trolley.

I was terribly disappointed at finding a new bottle, apparently gone are the traditional old style bottles that signified quality. There are some things that just shouldn’t change.

Just imagine something as regal as a tiger, and making it look like like a big tabby cat; it just wouldn’t be the same, ever.

Apparently, that’s already been done.

There is such a thing as a Golden Tabby Tiger, and it looks pretty regal.

Golden Tabby Tiger

Golden Tabby Tiger

So there’s hope for my Drambuie yet.

While we’re on the subject of cats, every Christmas tree should have a star on the top.


That’s just purrfect.

When I was a kid, well, a little older, we all had a snigger at any mention of the ‘missionary position’. We all knew what it meant, but at the age when none of us had had the temerity to try it, it always led to giggles and a total meltdown.

Now more than half a lifetime later, I finally understand the ‘missionary position’.

The missionary position

The missionary position

I always wondered why Mormon missionaries went around in pairs. If I had seen this picture a couple of weeks ago when two of them passed by our local bar, I would have asked where their bicycle was…

Must blog along.


Global Warming

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks like this

My kitchen looks as though an Arctic ice sheet has melted in it, water everyf**kinwhere!

While ice flows fall off the glacier at the back of the fridge.

Yes, I had the stupid idea this morning to defrost the fridge while it had next to no food (common situation) and I needed to defrost the meat in the freezer for the BBQ. BBQ was going to be tomorrow, but logistics demanded a change to Monday, my ex had a better party to go to tomorrow.

Such is life. She also made a point of “Don’t forget my present!” I said, “You’ve got it, she’s seven this year, “ …looong silence. Maybe that wasn’t the best response… You know sometimes women just don’t have a sense of humour; but I finally figured out how a woman’s mind works. If you want to know the secret check Satireday on Tomus. I made the art work this morning.

Five days to go, then it’s only 364 days till next Christmas.

I spent a good part of yesterday making new Philosoraptor Memes, Like this one.


Philosoraptor is featured every Phriday on my They say it’s in the Genes blog.

This post is being constantly interrupted by the necessity to squeegee out the kitchen to avoid flooding the living room as well.

dead-poets-society-quotes-14Had a late night last night. I watched a movie, one of my favourites; Dead Poets Society.

I had downloaded it sometime ago in a version with Portuguese subtitles to play for my students.

Finally got to bed about 2am.

Cloro has just come in and wants to know why his food bowl (polystyrene) has floated across the kitchen.

It won’t be long now, another hour should see the end of the ice and I can turn the fridge on again and the house can return to normal.

Then it’s off to the supermarket for some therapy and a bottle of Drambuie (that’s my Christmas present: “To me, from me, with love!”).

I finally discovered coffee home delivery…



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