‘Tis the season to be drinking… fla la la la lah!

Yes, it’s a real word!

It’s rather like yuletide, rather instead of yule logs, we have drinkies.

Yule logs can be chocolatey and edible…


or not…


However, you don’t quaff either.

So it’s December, Christmas is coming, then New Year, yes, all good reasons for the Quafftide season.

Breakfast this morning: Bacon & Eggs; lunch is not on the agenda.

The most exciting thing I have done today, change the sand in Cloro’s box, pheeeew! Then, of course, there was the dishes; hard to tell which was the more exciting really.

Not-Monday-Again---Funny-CatThe rain seems to have abated.

Yesterday’s washing is slowly drying.

So far nothing Mondayish has happened. Oh, the bossette called, she’s sick and can’t get over to get the time sheets. Okay, leave it for next Monday, I’m not quite broke yet.

I do feel a nap coming on.