45thermometerIt was reported last night that in our part of town it reached 47°C with a wind chill factor of 50°C.

Now, even you people in the US (who haven’t learned to read the temperature like the rest of the world) can see that is HOT! Very, very hot.

But it did change, as I predicted, with the cold front that reached São Paulo yesterday. 4pm began the clouds, rain spots at 7pm, high winds at 8pm and torrential rain at 8.30.

This morning I was due to go for a training session on the text books we use in my English course. I had been planning for this all week.

I put my jeans on…

WTF is my wallet?

It never leaves my back pocket.

I searched frantically, no sign of it.

Last place seen was the supermarket, Taxi to supermarket. Wallet had been handed in to the SAC (Clientele service). I had left it on the checkout. 62 years and I have never lost my wallet. Check off one more item on my bucketlist.

I didn’t get to the training session. Damn, missed out on free lunch.

Dessert last night was wonderful; Tia Maria and icecream, with a chilled cacão (chocolate) liqueur milkshake. What a wonderful way to pass a storm.

Nelson Mandela has left us. I truly think he is the first politician to be missed. He leaves a great hole in South African politics, one that has sadly shifted from his dreams to the corruption of the incumbent.

I feel a nap coming on…