I sometimes buy this brand

I sometimes buy this brand

Life without a little effervescence can be very dull and boring. It’s he fizz that puts the adventure component into ones life.

Last week at the second biggest supermarket in our region they were completely devoid of fizz. My particular fizz is sparkling mineral water. They had plenty of Coca Cola and other poisonous substances, oh, they’d never run out of them. But of those of us who drink only water (or beer or wine) there’s not enough profit in selling mere water.

Perrier and Evian were on the shelves but I refuse to pay those prices, so I went without until my next visit to the other supermarket.

Now I have fizz!

So refreshing. But the last two days have been so hot (40°C) , I have drunk three litres per day and my stocks are dwindling.

Reprieve today, we had heavy rain overnight. But the rain in the city has caused big problems; much of Rio is flooded. The centre of Rio is inundated, with traffic at a standstill; and many of the outlying suburbs have been hit catastrophically.

All the major highways in and around the city are flooded, the metrô (subway) has closed many stations. The mayor has asked people to stay at home because buses have stopped.

cookie_monster2The Cookie Monster

Cookie monster has become real.

It has bee revealed that the American and British spy agencies are tracking cookies among their other email and communications spying. This means that all PCs that have cookies installed can be spied on.

Google is necessarily miffed about this, because more people will turn to programmes that neutralise cookies, therefore robbing Google of their profit-making capabilities. I am looking at doing this.

The world is becoming a very unsanitary place.

All this is supposed to be protecting the world from terrorism. But the agencies cannot name any blocked terrorist threat that was thwarted by this information gathering… It’s all bullshit!

It’s all about governments wanting total control.

The rain has started again, and I have work in just over an hour. Must think about something to eat; or a nap…