merlotI decided to make lunch, a bit of a ‘slap dash’ affairs for which I am famous. So I opened a bottle of Stilus Merlot from Viña del Mar in Chile.

Sorry about the little bitty image, it was the only one I could find. If you squint closely, you’ll see it.

Tasting the wine is important to establish that it isn’t in fact vinegar. It isn’t.

Oh, I must add that I am writing this post while cooking, which if one is not careful can lead to a disaster.

The next step, after ensuring the wine is palatable, is to let it breath, if it’s not breathing, give it mouth to bottle resuscitation.


Yesterday, I had the forethought to remove a pack (1kg/ 2lb+) of chicken livers. With the chicken livers trimmed of all the icky bits (which were given to Cloro) removed; peel and dice an onion, and cook off in lard with a chicken stock cube. Slap in the chicken livers and cook, reducing the natural stock.

Prepare rice. Yes, I am going to serve this on rice.

It was about then, after my second cup of wine, I thought why not add some to the livers… which I have now done.

Now I chose this particular Merlot (2012) because I had two bottles (must have been cheap). I have never had it before. My theory is, if it’s good, then I have a back up bottle in the event of depletion, if it’s not, then I have solved the problem of one Christmas gift.

I’m pleased to report that I still have the gift problem.

While I am writing, the wine and stock are reducing on a low heat.

Now 1kg of chicken livers makes more than I can eat in one sitting, yes, even gourmets have their limit; it’s a tad before gluttony.

So, before I make the final gravy, I’ll divide the mixture in half for later. The remains will be chucked into the blender to make a peppered pate for another time.

The rice is on, the livers divided and thickened.

Lunch is on the way.

So am I.