I got some blogging done earlier in the morning, and napped. It was about midday when I roused myself, and discovered that everything edible was frozen.

Snap decision: Let’s eat out!

Rusty Nail100

Rusty Nail

And that was the last the PC saw of me for the day.

I taxied to Brazeiro BBQ restaurant for a ‘dead cow’ experience, chose my wine, a 2002 Cab Sav from Uruguay, and proceeded. I opted for a Rusty Nail* instead of desert and taxied home.

Again, I was thwarted, because the taxi stopped in front of the botequim (bar next door). Now it would have been churlish not to have acknowledged the fregües (regulars) in attendance, and equally churlish to have refused an offered beer.

Some (denoting an unspecified number) beers later, I had a snow freeze for dessert and got home after 7pm, feeling somewhat seedy and ready for bed.

I woke at 11pm, read e-mails, and returned to bed.

End of story.

*Rusty nail = Drambuie and whisky ½ ‘n ½ on ice.


Hence, not a lot of blogging yesterday.