nobrainI have not done a thing today.

Well that’s not true, I have, but not here!

I started late… nothing unusual in that, I often do when I have been up in the middle of the night.

But I had things to do like going to pay the rent which was eight days late through no fault of mine, my pay was equally late.

PC played up at a critical moment. One of my hard drives disappeared, and it took several attempts to reappear it.


Badly in need of repair

I had to take photos of the terrible state of the concrete in my laundry area, because I needed to negotiate putting in a new floor at the expense of the landlord.

The photos were effective, and the agency agreed that I needed a new floor.

So with all that my normal two-minutes-in-and-out of the rent agency took longer. By then it was lunchtime… and my favourite restaurant, Brazeiro, is just around he corner, literally. So it was a no-brainer what my next decision would be – BBQ lunch.

Home for a nap, and here I am at 3pm having done nothing; this is my first post of the day.

PC played up again. Firefox disappeared. I reappeared it to find that malware thingy had invaded, so I had to reset Firefox to get rid of it.


Likez mi tayel?

Here’s my Cloro at the bar on the weekend.

He just sits around like all the other regulars, except he doesn’t drink beer, he just licks his nuts which the rest of us can’t do.

I said to him, “Yup, lick ’em while you can,” which made the guys laugh because they know I have plans for those little pussy nuts.

Must blog along.