11:10pm, and if I’m lucky I’ll squeeze a post in today.

Cloro is playing with a cockroach. He brought it in from outside in the rain. Under the bed, around my feet, into the living room, repeat. He figures it’s so much fun, although I remain somewhat nonplussed.

I am rather delighted; my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff has been nominated by a rather prestigious blog in the realms of booze related blogs. Lords of the Drinks has included my blog to be among the 25 candidates nominated for their 2013 Award.

I’m not fairing too well in the voting, I think my blog is too eclectic when compared with the blogs which are in the upper echelons of voting. But if you were to hop across and nudge things along a bit, I won’t complain- YES, I’m begging!

Still it’s nice to have the recognition.

Classes have finished for the year. Next class 7th Jan. *Stretches back and puts feet up*

Cloro has let the damned cockroach escape, now he’s going berserk trying to find it. Looks like I’m in for a fun night, he can be most persistent.

Time for bed.