I have been without the net, or at the very best intermittent net for 24 hours, since 7pm last night.

I have managed one letter to my brother and one post on Things that Fizz & Stuff in that time. Worth reading.

In a different bottle, hope it tastes the same

In a different bottle, hope it tastes the same

I am NOT amused.

I finally gave up at 1pm and had a BBQ lunch at my favourite restaurant to commiserate, then I went for therapy at the supermarket.

I had no qualms, nor spared a single shred of guilt as I put the R$85 bottle of Drambuie in my shopping trolley.

I was terribly disappointed at finding a new bottle, apparently gone are the traditional old style bottles that signified quality. There are some things that just shouldn’t change.

Just imagine something as regal as a tiger, and making it look like like a big tabby cat; it just wouldn’t be the same, ever.

Apparently, that’s already been done.

There is such a thing as a Golden Tabby Tiger, and it looks pretty regal.

Golden Tabby Tiger

Golden Tabby Tiger

So there’s hope for my Drambuie yet.

While we’re on the subject of cats, every Christmas tree should have a star on the top.


That’s just purrfect.

When I was a kid, well, a little older, we all had a snigger at any mention of the ‘missionary position’. We all knew what it meant, but at the age when none of us had had the temerity to try it, it always led to giggles and a total meltdown.

Now more than half a lifetime later, I finally understand the ‘missionary position’.

The missionary position

The missionary position

I always wondered why Mormon missionaries went around in pairs. If I had seen this picture a couple of weeks ago when two of them passed by our local bar, I would have asked where their bicycle was…

Must blog along.