A close relation to General F**k Up.

Either one, really, describes today.


Wi fi circuit board like this

I finally got hold of my wi-fi server about 9am. After some fiddling, he admitted that something major had happened and he’d be round after lunch to have a look.

He looked.

It appeared that my wi fi board had died.

He bypassed the problem with another wi fi that plugged into the telephone plug… no driver.

So my PC went out the door with him to install the driver and give the guts a spring clean which it needed badly.

PC was finally returned about 8pm, and now I am trying to catch up on a days blogging, the news and visiting other’s blogs.

So I have been PCless for the day, time for a few beers.

Now I must blog along, get over this disaster, and get back to normal… Oh I hate that word.

Today, was truly worthy of a MONDAY! I even posted Tuesday’s post on Eco-Crap a day early.