The most hated part of my therapy

The most hated part of my therapy

No, no catnappings today!

Cloro is home safe and sound.

Scary moment came at the supermarket checkout. Expensive therapy today.

Nearly gave me a mental hernia.

Back again…

Had a problem. I had to reset PC, and it didn’t want to connect to the wifi. But then of course it is Monday. The last Monday of the year and I somehow thought that I might escape these Mondayish blights. Silly, silly me. After an hour and a lot of very blue air I managed to coax it back to life. Maybe it was the threat that it would begin life in the New Year by flying somewhat ungracefully through the window.

We’re almost on the final lap, in a little more than 24 hours 2013 will be consigned to history. I don’t really celebrate New Year, after all it’s just another day. I haven’t made resolutions for many years. When I did, I never stuck to them. But this year I have made one, not for me so much, as those around me.


There, I think that’s fair.

We aren’t the only ones having a heatwave; Argentina is too. They’re complaining about 35°C, today here we had 40°C with a thermal sensation of 50°C, now that’s hot.

At the other end of the scale, I saw on TV Saturday, the Arctic Marathon. Now that’s just plumb crazy.

It’s later than usual, soaps and news have started, so…