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Mental Blocks

mentalblockThese are my mental blocks.

I play with them when I can’t think of anything, actually that is a form of mental tetris, when I can’t fit things together.

This morning I have blogged on all blogs, so I am pretty much blogged out.

I’ve tried coffee.

That just gave me the sweats.

Yes, it’s another hot day. Yesterday broke the 40ºC (106ºF) barrier, with the thermal sensation of 50ºC (freakin’ hot ºF).

I’ve tried iced water, that set my root canal needing tooth on edge.

bananasmoothieI am seriously considering a mind-numbing banana slushie to up my potassium levels.

Can you overdose on potassium?

I have two classes this afternoon, longing for the chill of the air conditioner in the classroom.

After class yesterday, I went out for pizza and cold beer. Waddled off home with a full belly. Notably, my capacity has reduced; I didn’t eat nearly as much as I have been able to in the past. I am losing weight. In fact my belt hasn’t got any more holes, yet.

I am worried.

tabletYes, about the 3Rs, reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. I read this morning about schools that have done away with text and exercise books.

The kids all have tablets. The teacher has a blog, she writes up the lesson as a post and each of the kids have a blog (taught to create) to do the exercise, which the teacher then reads and corrects.

I’m not so sure that I agree. What happens to kids writing skills?

I know we are heading for a paperless society, but what happens if there is no electricity?

Don’t laugh. It’s entirely possible, the national grid has gone down before with severe sunspot activity; although there is a dearth of that at present, leading to the speculation that we may be heading into another Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) which was the period of the Little Ice Age which affected North America and Europe.

Think about what is happening to weather patterns now with this polar vortex that has Americans freezing their bollocks off.

Stranger things are possible.

I have started a new series on They Say it’s in the Genes on Sundays, Bringing up Baby, by Baby. It features amongst other ideas this little fellow.

Party Toddler

Many of the situations are familiar to most of us.

Must get this post in the ‘mail’.




When in Doubt

Eat a banana.


Mamão formosa

My potassium levels must be way up. A friend dropped by on Tuesday and gave me a bag with two types of banana; one for eating, the other for slushies. Oh, that’s where the mamão (papaya) came from too.

It was good, because after yesterday’s dentist visit, I wasn’t even allowed to chew my beer. And that was the advice from my dentist; he’s a good guy. So, having soft fruit on hand meant a mushy food day.

Some of the seeds have already been planted.

It’s hot out there, we’ve been promised 38ºC (100ºF). It would be a good beer day, in fact about lunchtime, I may well just do that. By 5:30 class I shouldn’t reek of beer. You have to live dangerously.

Great tweet today:

Oh, and another:

I see that Bieber urchin is in the news again, this time in Canada for assaulting a limousine driver. Honestly, that kid needs some time-out, preferably in chains and kept away from microphones. Idiot child.

Two hours later…

Oh, sorry about that. I was looking for something on Google, and went off on my tangent, got lost, had a nap; now I have coffee and just for good measure, I had another banana.

It’s too hot to even think about cooking anything for lunch. Mind you it would be a lot easier if I had something in the fridge to cook. I do, but it’s all in the freezer.

starbucks-coffeeI just ditched the coffee, to hot to drink coffee, besides it was horrid, stewed leftovers from this morning; it almost qualifies for worse than Starbucks.

Instead, I had a healthy cooling refreshing slug on the bottle of iced water from the freezer.

Actually, I don’t know what Starbucks tastes like, and I never will. It’s not that I have never seen a Starbucks in Rio de Janeiro, rather it’s that I hate anything franchised.


Franchises are the bane of the civilised world. Give me the old Mom & Pop corner store any day.

During my search I found this. It’s a bit small to read easily, but I love it.


Having said that, I’m off to make another mamão slushie.


Oh, remember that urge I had two days ago? I am pleased to report that it hasn’t returned.

New Zealanders are Tough Bastards

Sustaining a shark bite is probably most people’s idea of a living nightmare, but junior doctor James Grant was not going to let it get in the way of him and a cold beer. Image - Guardian

Sustaining a shark bite is probably most people’s idea of a living nightmare, but junior doctor James Grant was not going to let it get in the way of him and a cold beer. Image – Guardian

Read a story on the news yesterday about a New Zealander who got bitten by a shark.

His first thought was, “Bugger…” Read the full story on the Guardian link.

Stabbed the shark, which apparently lost interest. Stitched himself up on the beach from his first aid kit.

Went off to the pub for a beer.

Chuck Norris, beat that!

There’s a campaign to send Bieber back to Canada and cancel his green card. Good move. The campaign has 45,000 supporters compared to the campaign that wants to keep him with 500. I wouldn’t be surprised if Canada doesn’t want him back.

Another hot day. Haven’t been outside the front door yet; that will happen in an hour when I go to class.

Made a wonderful mind-numbing mamão (papaya) slushie today, totally froze the brain. Ow owo ow! They say that all pleasures have their price.

Dentist was first up this morning, a brisk walk before the day got too hot. Got a medicated filling, and a come back next month for a root canal. Walked back home and had a nap, it was the only sensible thing to do.

Must get a move on, time to begin to look like a teacher.


I had a sudden urge

keep-calm-don-t-worry-i-m-hereContrary to my post yesterday, I am here.

The promised information did not arrive. So I assume the class was canceled, because I have had no contact otherwise. In a way I am pleased, the prospect of half a day in buses was not the most welcome, however I do need the money. Such is life.

Now I wait and see what happens between now and Thursday, which is to be the next lesson.

So I have had a full days blogging, only a couple to go.

red bullI had a new follower on Twitter today. One of her attributes was that she was a devoted Rd Bull fan… *Click Delete* A person who considers that liking Red Bull as an attribute doesn’t have the necessary brain skills to make decent tweets.

I despise these energy drinks, when I see them in the supermarket it makes me gag a little.

Shit should be banned.

I see the Grammy Awards once again went to music that I’ve never heard of; nice.

Grammies, Oscars, who gives a shit?

I hate modern cars. I don’t like their design, their shape, their electronics and computerisation, I don’t like their front wheel drive. There is no end to the things that I don’t like about modern cars.

My last car, was a lovely old beast.


1974 Triumph 2.5 TC

The comfort of real leather seats, my bum didn’t sweat. It was a dream to drive despite the fact that it didn’t have power steering and it was heavy in the front end. Apart from a battery, tyres, and a radiator leak it gave me trouble free motoring for nine years.

The last car that I had a hankering for was this:

Rover 3500 V8

1983 Rover 3500 V8

Never got it, I decided to travel to South America.

Best decision I ever made.

Must away, got to get ready for class.

Oh, about the urge… I did the dishes.



nopostsTomorrow and Thursday are doomed to be postless.

In financial desperation I accepted a new student a long way from home; Copacabana. Which means I leave home at 8am and get back around 2:30pm, all for a 1½ hour class. I would normally have refused because of the time spent travelling, but they doubled my pay rate for this job, which almost makes it worth it, and I am desperate. Januaries are normally a bad month for English teachers, but I have never had such a dearth of students in January before. Desperate measures makes desperate English teachers.

I don’t really want to do this, I’d much rather be sitting in the comfort of my own underpants with plenty of coffee to ease the pain.

I saw this wonderful tweet yesterday, can’t remember the tweeter, “Don’t go outside, there are people out there!”

grouchymanSometimes, I think that is true. While I am not entirely a hermit, I do spend a lot of time at the keyboard and sometimes don’t venture past the gate. Hell, sometimes I don’t even venture past the front door.

5pm is usually my first outdoor experience of the day, and that is to go to class on class days, or the botequim on classless days.

The mayor of Sochi (Winter Olympics venue) is an idiot! I hardly need to say that because all politicians are. He is quoted as saying, “There are no homosexuals in Sochi!” Talk about having your head in the sand. The city even has two gay nightclubs.

I am a genius! I read a post about the traits of geniuses, it listed 23, I qualify for 18. Okay, so I am not a complete genius, there are some parts missing.

A big kerfuffle in Malaysia at the moment a judge has ruled that Christians can’t use the word Allah when referring to God. In some of the local languages, the word is the same, and the saying that “Jesus is the son of Allah” has appeared. Now how is that possible, Jesus lived some 700 years before Allah was invented. Personally it doesn’t bother me, it’s all invented.

See you all Wednesday.

*Now what happened to lunch?*


blankscreenIn contrast to yesterday’s noon, I have been sitting at the keyboard since 7am, staring at a blank screen.

Then I had the brilliant idea to write a post, now I an sitting here with another blank screen.

I am on my second coffee, the kitchen seems empty, the dishes in the kitty korner have gone, washed, and put away.

I mentioned in my comments yesterday that I won’t be without a pussy for too long, it may take a month or two, but another kitty will wander into the botequim looking for an old man to adopt.

The bar is a wonderful place to meet. Yesterday I wrote this in reply to a comment, and I nearly wrote “to meet pussy”, then it dawned on me, maybe that’s not the way I should word it, it sounds naughty, so naughty that I couldn’t resist reposting the gaff.

I went to the botequim yesterday after noon as planned, and one of the regulars (the one who introduced me to jambo) wandered along with a bag; a bag full of carambola; you may know them as starfruit. Wikipedia tells me that carambola has oxalic acid which is not good if I have a kidney problem, it can cause mental confusion. Now I don’t know if my mental confusion is due to getting older, or if I have a kidney problem. Too much knowledge!

So I selected a few of the offered fruit

So I selected a few of the offered fruit

… and drank my 0.0% beer.

The beer you drink when you're not really drinking beer

The beer you drink, when you’re not really drinking beer

Today is the last day of antibiotics, so tomorrow, I can really drink beer. Then it’s off to the dentist on Wednesday to begin root canal work, if it is worth it, or have the tooth out. Both ideas scare the crap out of me.

Once at home to watch the first novela (soap), I made a creamy carambola slushie. Carambola isn’t a strong flavour, there’s just a hint of something there.

There was no hint of rain yesterday, so the night was uncomfortably warm, makes sleeping difficult. Today promises to be hot, great; the washing will dry, but so will I; I have already stacked water bottles in the freezer.

I should move along, this is my first post of the morning, so I have a long way to go.


A thought for the day…


It’s Noon

Hand check mark the listSo far today I have…

  • Drunk one mug of coffee
  • Posted on one blog
  • Opened the back door.
  • Peed twice

Looks like it is going to be  a productive day…

I’ve also wasted two hours looking for new stuff to post. Now I am sitting here looking at the screen wondering what to do next.

First the news:

They have developed Boob Deodorant. I didn’t think that was necessary. Actually ‘Boob’ is probably the best designed word in the English language; The B looks like a top view, the oo looks like a front view, and the b is the side view. Think about that.

Bieber, need I say more?


followed-blog-500-1xLifeGood news, I got another award from WordPress.

This blog now has 500 followers.

Now I have to figure out where they are hiding.

As we go through life, we hear all sorts of jokes, but among the most memorable are ‘Little Johnny’ jokes, Englishhas them, Portuguese has them ‘Joãozinho‘ too. They always show Little Johnny at his worst. I found this this morning, it made me spill my second coffee.


That kid in front just has to be Little Johnny.

On a more sober note, still no sign of Cloro. Today I will clean his corner and put the dishes away, a painful task that I have been putting off all week.

I might also do the dishes. Note the use of ‘might’ indicating a week possibility.

We got rain last night, not enough, but the temperature did go down and I got a good nights sleep, well deserved after going out for a sushi dinner.

A nap is high on the cards, lunch will be crumbed chicken, eventually and I really must do some more posts.


Stinking Hot Day

Yes, we are back to hot days without respite. I had to water the plants early today.

Looking out over the praça, nothing but blue sky

Looking out over the praça, nothing but blue sky

It tried to rain late yesterday afternoon, and although it was heavy enough for a little to run off the garage roof, it didn’t even wet the concrete. But the rain storm we had the previous week was enough to make the praça a vibrant green again.

Late last night, 11ish, I heard a cat crying outside, but it was just the grotty Siamese from over the back. I remain ever hopeful.


Not my photo. I drink mine from a beer handle

I am drinking an avocado and mint slushie. They’re so easy to make; ½ an avocado, milk, lots of ice, some raw sugar, blend, enjoy.

Don’t drink it too fast the frontal lobe doesn’t like it and rebels, seriously.

But they are so thick and yummy, you almost have to spoon it out of the glass.

No classes today.

Hopefully it will cloud over sufficient to cool off later and I can venture out to the botequim and have some 0.0% beer… still on meds for the tooth.

Tomorrow will be hot too, but the promise of a change on Sunday.

Yesterday I was complimented on my wine collection that showed in the video clip in comments.

Here’s some more…

Top shelf, all the goodies

Top shelf, all the goodies


Wine shelf

Wine shelf


Beer box

The beer box

I collect more than I drink, but it’s nice to have.

My programme for the rest of the day, refill slushie, nap, beerless o’clock, then a cheeseboard for supper. That should just about do it.




A Butterfly, Fluttered By

No sign of my wayward pussy.

But this morning a butterfly fluttered by to inspect my wines. I took a small video, when I downloaded, I discovered the last video I took of Cloro having a wash in the park the day before he did a bunk.

This morning was worthy of a Monday. Went to make the coffee… no gas. I had to change the gas cylinder before I could do anything. Doing anything as complicated as changing the gas cylinder pre-Coffee requires a certain amount of stamina, concentration, coordination and strength; none of which I had.

Now here’s the clip of the butterfly.

Gulf Fritillary or Passion Butterfly (Agraulis vanillae). These butterflies are regular visitors to my garden, they lay eggs on the passion fruit leaves, and the caterpillars can destroy a vine.

Just discovered that I have a class this afternoon. That’s good because my hours were looking pretty miserable and I need the students to return to classes. Being an English teacher can be hard sometimes, because I only get paid for hours taught, I don’t get a monthly salary.

Pain, all gone, life is bearable again.

Time to go.


Still no Pussy

It's this hot

It’s this hot

This morning I checked the trees in the park. During the night I remembered he had got himself stuck up one and spent some hours until I finally hear his cries from the gate. Still no sign, probably just as well, because two days stuck in a tree in this heat he would have dehydrated.

Thank you all who have commented with support, it all helps.

I went to the dentist this morning, I have a massive infection in the gum around the crook tooth. I got an antibiotic and a come back in five days. I took the first pill in the supermarket at the drinking fountain and already the pain has dissipated; I was able to eat lunch.

I just had a wonderful frontal lobe numbing avocado smoothie. I had one yesterday too. Only needs half an avocado. I bought another one today.

Christmas is well over. Nobody even mentions it now Santa Claus is no doubt relaxing somewhere.


It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is getting lower behind the trees, it will be a little cooler, time for beerless o’clock. Can’t mix booze with antibiotics. Thank heaven for 0.0% beer. I got some at the supermarket this morning, it’s like drinking beer when you’re not drinking beer.

They’ve fixed the thumb on the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer (seven days), the poor folk in Novo Friburgo still don’t have houses (two years).

I have forgotten to mention that BBB (Big Brother Brazil) started again this week, so nightly we are bombarded by TV that goes beyond pathetic. Not in my house; I switch off the TV before it starts, stupid bloody programme. Brazilians will flock to watch the banal, but care about what happens in their country, never.



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