oiw_2421apg_g-500x500After waiting all day for the techie to arrive, he finally did, at 6pm.

I tried to fathom how 6pm could be equated with ‘first thing in the morning’, but without success; it was beyond my rationale.

He gave me a new router, not the same as before, but similar.

It works like a dream. I can upload, I can download, and I’m sure if I tried I could sideload as well.

Mine hasn’t got the antenna thingy, it’s connected direct to PC.

So I have been able to post on all my blogs this morning and still have time for a nap. No stress, no frustration, no swearing, no cantankerous outbursts.

Hot day today. The ninth hot day in a row with temps above 38°C (100°F), yesterday the thermal sensation was 50°C. Last night it was impossible to sleep. We are due for a change today, probably late afternoon and a cooler day (34°C) is forecast for tomorrow.

The fridge is all but empty, so I must have some therapy today at the supermarket. I don’t really want to go far, the botequim next door would be far enough.

mango-juice_6Lunch yesterday was a simple affair, leftovers (part of an onion, part of a tomato, grated cheese, chopped gherkins) in a pound of mincemeat and made a six inch hamburger steak.

Today’s lunch will be a variety on the same theme, I’ll chop a handful of parsley and mix again. I resisted putting the remains of the vanilla cake in too.

I was given some mangoes by a neighbour, so the juice de jour will be fizzy mango (I’ll make it with the last of the sparkling mineral water).

My poor fluffy Cloro has been suffering these last few days. I have never seen a cat pant with tongue lolling like a dog before. He has both fresh water and milk available, so it’s not for the want of liquids; and I have been giving him fresh mince meat instead of dried shit hoping that that also will give him moisture.

Time for the news.