After doing a bleat about my favicon disappearing yesterday, it has reappeared.

Just goes to show if you complain to the highest authorities things happen.


Dry as a brick

The hot weather continues. I bought a pizza at the supermarket, but it’s too bloody hot to cook it!

Yesterday I left a slice of bread out on the counter after a late lunch, by 5:30 it was toast.

While we are having the hots, USA and Canada are at the opposite end of the thermometer. The world’s weather really is screwed up.

Very soon I am off to the botequim; not for beer, maybe later.

26Two weeks ago, Raimundo installed an icecream machine, and it makes wonderful icecreams.

Usually, he has chocolate and vanilla, but at the moment it’s got strawberry and coconut. I always have half ‘n half, that way I don’t have to make a decision.

Went to the supermarket, had to, very little food in the house. The place was empty; not only of people, but half the shit I wanted.

Hopefully, I start work tomorrow, this month’s salary is going to make things tight.

Cloro spent the night at home last night, it was nice to have a pussy in bed again. He’s had a good feed and disappeared. Honestly, that cat spends more time at the bar than I do. He’s even got the fregües trained to put a chair aside for him to curl up on.

It’s nearly 5pm, the sun is low enough not to hit the bar, so I’m off.