monday-mornings-11866That’s today. I feel totally lethargic.

Started with morning coffee, no yesterday’s coffee to reheat quickly in two minutes, so I had to wait ten minutes while I made fresh. Do you have any idea what that extra eight minutes is like without coffee?

The neighbour’s cat was in eating Cloro’s breakfast. On it’s way out, I threw an empty water bottle, to hasten its exit, and almost clocked Cloro; and I thought, yes it’s Monday.

Yesterday I managed to escape most of the heat by napping. I finally woke about 5pm to find that it has clouded over and had a good breeze. Cloro followed me to the bar and sat under the table.



He was quite happy there, licking his nuts. Heck, if I did that, they’d arrest me.

Beautiful Tail

Beautiful Tail

And a shot showing off that magnificent tail.

Throwing this in as an experiment, YouTube tells me the ratio is wrong, I want to see.

That’s him getting his fur ruffled by the wind. I can’t see that the ratio is wrong… He still looks like a cat.

My ‘do nothing’ day yesterday became a do something. I had bought beetroot and they began to get a little soft, so they had to be cooked. Now I have two jars of beetroot pickling in vinegar.

I read today that Michelle Obama’s second inaugural gown is headed for the Smithsonian. WTF? It’s a dress, a very fancy red dress, but do we need things like this in the Smithsonian? Damn, put it in the rag bag where it belongs!

I hardly need to say that it’s Hot again. Had to water plants early.

My student today cancelled, which would have normally pleased me. Because it meant I didn’t have to go out in the heat, but I have to go anyway to collect my pay.

wineappYou can’t go anywhere on the net today with out finding ‘Apps’ for your i/smart phones. Why do we need them? We managed perfectly well for centuries without ‘Apps’; and now we can’t do without them. I am proud to say that I am Appless! That should probably be hapless, because I have no idea how to use half this stuff, and I’m doing just fine.

For example, if I want to find a good wine, I walk that extra distance to the wine store. I browse, I communicate, I marvel at the feel of a good Chardonnay balanced in my hands while I read the label. I DON’T need an app!


It’s small unimportant people trying to rise above their station and impress people.

Must go, it’s clouding over, which will make it tolerable for beer o’clock.