Not wanting to take the risk of a pathetic apology at 11pm, I have taken the chance, through a lull in inspiration, to make a morning post.

No BBQ today, meat’s all gone, but there remains much beer at the botequim, which could well be an option later.

pills1Eating my meat yesterday, I happened to chew on the tooth that was seen to last week, and it has given me gripe ever since. A paracetamol twice during the night, one more for breakfast, and I need another now. I am not normally a member of the ‘pop-a-pill’ brigade, but the intense dull throb is unbearable; if someone offered me a cyanide pill at the moment, I would seriously consider it.

I wonder if BBQed pills work?

So, I am going to be a ball of fun for the day; especially if I can’t have a beer because of the damned pills.

The sun is out, it is going to be hotter than yesterday.

I couldn’t believe what I read last night on The Guardian newsUK storms are divine retribution for gay marriage laws, says Ukip councillor. What an idiot! I never thought that a statement like this would be made by an Englishman; Americans yes, I would consider that par for the course, but an Englishman, I am truly dismayed. This councillor should be surgically removed from his post and given a frontal lobotomy with a gay scalpel. Stupid arsehole!

This morning I read another strange idea. ‘Someone has worked out how to charge people for sitting down. Which is to say, a demonstration of capitalism in its purest form’, also on The Guardian news. The coffee and wi-fi are free…

gollumcoffee_1313_77_lHonestly, the world is becoming sadder by the minute.

I will just sit here (free) in my little coffee-sodden world and shake my head in disbelief.