27-funny-ironic-irony-picturesYes, I’m still on the paracetamol. It’s Monday here, normally Monday is my dentist’s day, but being Monday it’s a public holiday today, so he’s closed.

He opens again on Wednesday.

Yes, today is a holiday in Rio state. The patron saint of Rio is São Sebastião, so we are celebrating… me with no beer. My one planned student for the week also has lessons on Monday, guess what? It’s a public holiday, no lesson. Mondays are set to try our patience.


Yes, Mondays stink

I’ve been sitting here playing with my mental blocks because being Monday I have no idea what to write, yet.

Sole fillets are out of the freezer, they should be ready for mid-afternoon. Of course, being Monday I only discovered that there was no food for lunch at 11:30.

I should be doing useful things, like the dishes so I can make more dishes to wash after lunch.

I should be watering the plants because they’re wilting in the heat. I’ll go and do that while I’m thinking…

Plants are now unwilting.

No inspirational flash…

screensplashI am waiting for something amazing to leap out of the screen, spur my imagination, set the wheels in motion for a brilliant post; but all I got were gritty feet when I splashed water on them while outside.

Maybe I should just give up and do the sensible thing… have a nap until the fish has defrosted.