No sign of my wayward pussy.

But this morning a butterfly fluttered by to inspect my wines. I took a small video, when I downloaded, I discovered the last video I took of Cloro having a wash in the park the day before he did a bunk.

This morning was worthy of a Monday. Went to make the coffee… no gas. I had to change the gas cylinder before I could do anything. Doing anything as complicated as changing the gas cylinder pre-Coffee requires a certain amount of stamina, concentration, coordination and strength; none of which I had.

Now here’s the clip of the butterfly.

Gulf Fritillary or Passion Butterfly (Agraulis vanillae). These butterflies are regular visitors to my garden, they lay eggs on the passion fruit leaves, and the caterpillars can destroy a vine.

Just discovered that I have a class this afternoon. That’s good because my hours were looking pretty miserable and I need the students to return to classes. Being an English teacher can be hard sometimes, because I only get paid for hours taught, I don’t get a monthly salary.

Pain, all gone, life is bearable again.

Time to go.