nopostsTomorrow and Thursday are doomed to be postless.

In financial desperation I accepted a new student a long way from home; Copacabana. Which means I leave home at 8am and get back around 2:30pm, all for a 1½ hour class. I would normally have refused because of the time spent travelling, but they doubled my pay rate for this job, which almost makes it worth it, and I am desperate. Januaries are normally a bad month for English teachers, but I have never had such a dearth of students in January before. Desperate measures makes desperate English teachers.

I don’t really want to do this, I’d much rather be sitting in the comfort of my own underpants with plenty of coffee to ease the pain.

I saw this wonderful tweet yesterday, can’t remember the tweeter, “Don’t go outside, there are people out there!”

grouchymanSometimes, I think that is true. While I am not entirely a hermit, I do spend a lot of time at the keyboard and sometimes don’t venture past the gate. Hell, sometimes I don’t even venture past the front door.

5pm is usually my first outdoor experience of the day, and that is to go to class on class days, or the botequim on classless days.

The mayor of Sochi (Winter Olympics venue) is an idiot! I hardly need to say that because all politicians are. He is quoted as saying, “There are no homosexuals in Sochi!” Talk about having your head in the sand. The city even has two gay nightclubs.

I am a genius! I read a post about the traits of geniuses, it listed 23, I qualify for 18. Okay, so I am not a complete genius, there are some parts missing.

A big kerfuffle in Malaysia at the moment a judge has ruled that Christians can’t use the word Allah when referring to God. In some of the local languages, the word is the same, and the saying that “Jesus is the son of Allah” has appeared. Now how is that possible, Jesus lived some 700 years before Allah was invented. Personally it doesn’t bother me, it’s all invented.

See you all Wednesday.

*Now what happened to lunch?*