keep-calm-don-t-worry-i-m-hereContrary to my post yesterday, I am here.

The promised information did not arrive. So I assume the class was canceled, because I have had no contact otherwise. In a way I am pleased, the prospect of half a day in buses was not the most welcome, however I do need the money. Such is life.

Now I wait and see what happens between now and Thursday, which is to be the next lesson.

So I have had a full days blogging, only a couple to go.

red bullI had a new follower on Twitter today. One of her attributes was that she was a devoted Rd Bull fan… *Click Delete* A person who considers that liking Red Bull as an attribute doesn’t have the necessary brain skills to make decent tweets.

I despise these energy drinks, when I see them in the supermarket it makes me gag a little.

Shit should be banned.

I see the Grammy Awards once again went to music that I’ve never heard of; nice.

Grammies, Oscars, who gives a shit?

I hate modern cars. I don’t like their design, their shape, their electronics and computerisation, I don’t like their front wheel drive. There is no end to the things that I don’t like about modern cars.

My last car, was a lovely old beast.


1974 Triumph 2.5 TC

The comfort of real leather seats, my bum didn’t sweat. It was a dream to drive despite the fact that it didn’t have power steering and it was heavy in the front end. Apart from a battery, tyres, and a radiator leak it gave me trouble free motoring for nine years.

The last car that I had a hankering for was this:

Rover 3500 V8

1983 Rover 3500 V8

Never got it, I decided to travel to South America.

Best decision I ever made.

Must away, got to get ready for class.

Oh, about the urge… I did the dishes.