Nearly 6pm, half time in the football, can I do it?

I haven’t bee able to blog this afternoon, I haven’t been able to nap. I went to the botequim and I couldn’t even drink, so I came home to watch the football.

A large group of the young locals have super loud music in the praça (park), can’t work, can’t think, can’t drink.

maxinerapmusicThey are playing a style of music here called funk, it mainly involves rap and they play it very loud, deafeningly loud.

I did have one beer, before I decided it was too much ‘culture’. While looking around the group, I decided on the post title; if you took the collective brains present, they still wouldn’t have the intelligence to tie a pair of shoe laces.

There is not a lot to be recommended for funk. If you pronounce that in Portuguese, it becomes ‘funky’. Portuguese doesn’t like words that end in a consonant, so they have to add an ‘e’ sound. It isn’t very ‘funky’, it’s bloody horrible. The only music worse than funk is Bieber. No, I’m wrong, Bieber is just pathetic, not horrible.

Well, that’s about taken the football interval. Flamengo (my team) vs Macae, currently 3-1 to me.