Pesky ants

Pesky ants

Yes, this morning a lot of my second coffee was wasted as I spooned ants out of the cup. I don’t recall seeing any in my first cup, but I was pretty groggy and maybe I drank them… or maybe I was so desperate for liquid sanity that I just ignored them.

They say we eat on an average of 500 grams (about 1lb) of extraneous matter every year; that’s a lot of ants…

The clouds are there again, taunting me.

I have classes today, I hope those clouds hang around long enough for me to walk in the shade. It’s so hot with the sun blasting down on my back most of the way. I even wear a white shirt to try and ease the heat.

WordPress has changed the buttons. Don’t like it. Why must they make these tweeks when they were working just fine as they were. I believe one shouldn’t fix something if it isn’t broken; if it’s working, leave the damn thing alone!


Bloody Oreos

Disaster! On TV last night, an ad for Oreos. Oreos have arrived in Brazil.

We don’t need the bloody things. Brazilians have enough biscuits to make them one of the most morbidly obese countries on the planet.

Why do Americans need to foist their rubbish on everybody?

You can bet that every kid and fatso here will be craving for this American crap.

Sorry to read that Shirley Temple has died. Personally, I never liked her, pretentious little twerp.  Whether she ‘grew up’ I don’t know, but I artfully avoided all her movies after the first one.

On BBC News, “the new Federal Reserve chair, Janet Yellen says the central bank will continue to cut its stimulus measures as long as the US economic recovery continues.” It never started! Stop feeding Americans bullshit! Further cuts are sure to affect the global finances. The QE should never have started.

Amusing to read that Barcaly’s Bank has raised bonuses to £2,3bn after declaring losses of more than that. Bonuses are to reward performance; except in the banking industry where they reward failure. Thw world is up to its neck in rubbish.

What’s that sucking sound? It’s all the public money and private wealth being swallowed up by London…

Must go and have a refreshing shower.