Broken XP

Broken XP

Last night, I got home after a double class and a BBQ restaurant dinner.

So far, so good.

Then about nine o’clock Windows crashed.

I have just spent 17 hours fighting tooth and nail with my PC. I got the PC up and running again in relatively short order, but connect to the net… not on your life.

I did a CHKDSK, 3½ hours; I did a System Restore, I did a System Unrestore, I redid the System Restore; all to no avail.

I finally went to bed at 3am, up again at 5am. Still no luck.

No bloody credits when you need them most

No bloody credits when you need them most

8am and I couldn’t call the service provider because my lovely old Motorola cellphone didn’t have credits; I finally got credits and rang. “Be there after lunch!” Was the promise.

At two o’clock, beaten by the heat, I went for a quick beer o’clock, the service provider arrived at 3pm, wonderful lunch hour.

He was beaten; couldn’t figure out the problem. He left after we agreed that I should re-install XP.

Oh bugger! Back to the botequim, to finish my beer. Come on, one must have priorities!

*Wondering, is his really a Monday???*

Back home. In a huff, I switched the transformer off to reset before I did my back up prior to the re-install. Started the back up and noticed that lights were blinking in the right places. Opened FireFox, and here I am.

Still don’t know what the problem was, but it’s working and I am NOT about to try and fix it!

So I have done no blogging today and now I am starting back to front. Normally this is the last blog, but today it is the first. I need to work out my frustration.

My student cancelled, so I am free to blog.