At least not yet.

Woke this morning to a pleasantly cool light grey overcast. But now in the late afternoon, there are still clouds around, but no sign of rain.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow.

OvomaltineI love comfort foods. I have several, but few are available here in Brazil. One that is is Ovolmaltine, which is pretty much the same as the Ovaltine we had in New Zealand.

It came in 400gm packets, and was more expensive that other chocolate drinks, but what the heck, it’s a comfort food, right?

The price was always around R$4 – 5.00, depending on where you went.

Last time I went to buy it, wow, ‘an all new’ pack; squatter and squarer. The price had gone up too; now it was nearly R$7.

But I’d been shafted – ripped off!

The all new, squatter squarer pack was also lighter. Only 300gms.

The bastards gave us a new pack, with 25% less and still put the price up!

But… it’s comfort food, and it’s got flocos crocantes (crunchy little flakes).

Yes, I bought another pack today.

It’s comfort food.

Yes, I know and I’m a weak bastard!

It’s beer o’clock…