Actually, it would be more correct to use the past tense, I had a hankering.

Because I have hankered.

During the week on The Fervent Shaker I saw a recipe called the Agave Kiss and thought “Yum!” I parked a notion in the rear of my mind, ‘should make that’ and I intended to.

On second reading, I discovered that it required Chambord, a raspberry infused brandy.

I had the tequila, I had the Creme de Cacão, I pondered the Chambord problem, I could use Creme de Cassis (blackcurrants), or perhaps Cherry Brandy. I opted for the former for my first effort.

I assembled the ingredients…


The makings

My recipe went like this: Two healthy splashes of Tequila, One healthy splash of Creme de Cacão, an unhealthy splash of Creme de Cassis, a half squeeze of fresh cream, twice (to make up that I didn’t have ‘double’ cream); added ice cubes and shook vigorously.

The result was this…


Not as pinky as the image on Fervent

Not as pinky, but palatable.

The result is that I am quietly sipping the product on my deranged mind as I type. The keys are getting harder to find.

My keyboard looks like this

My keyboard is beginning to look like this

And I am only on my third glass…

I have decided to call it ‘The Blushing Agave’.

The story will not end here. It’s Sunday, might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb. I am going to repeat the experiment using Cherry Brandy.

Any further reports will be left for tomorrow, when I discover where I left the keyboard.

I hope to be able to focus in a couple of hours, at least sufficiently to see Flamengo’s football (soccer) game at 4pm.

Meanwhile… Yum! Here’s to Sunday!