NOT that kind of wasted

NOT that kind of wasted

Yes, a whole day wasted.

I’ve got better things to do with my life than get that ‘wasted’.

This morning started out as a pretty normal Tuesday. It was cool because we had more rain overnight, and the odd shower persisted into daylight hours. I slept well.

Blogging happily along, I got a phone call from my bossette to meet her at the factory and she would give me my pay; already more than a week late.

Okay, there goes my nap.

I get to the factory and have to wait about an hour, finally got paid and headed off to the supermarket. That killed off three hours of the day. Back home, a bout of blogging and I felt the urge for a nap about 3pm…

That was it. I finally woke when my neighbour parked his car in the garage at 8pm. I had ‘napped’ for five hours. Totally disorientated, when I heard the car, I figured he was leaving in the morning, then I saw the clock.

Now, that I am awake, I’ll probably be wide awake for a good part of the night wondering what to do.

Yes, a day wasted, totally wasted.

We’ll probably get more rain overnight. It’s good because the praça is already returning to green.