I had just opened the post page and the net went down. Then it came up again, then down again, now it’s back on. Somebody’s playing funny buggers.


I feel I've been screwed by something strange

I feel I’ve been screwed by something strange

Proof that it is Monday.

The PC shut down.

That was 3:30… It’s now after 8pm. More than four hours of pure frustration. Finally reinstalled XP because that damned sys.config.thingy cracked up again. The partial reinstall fixed it.

Now where was I? A good question. I had a rough idea what I was going to post today, but after four hours, it’s gone.

Another hot day, but it cooled late in the afternoon, enough for me to sit in the praça and have a beer while pondering PC problems. I think this PC has past it’s ‘best-by’ date, and time to consider another alternative. But, be assured, it won’t involve Windows 7 or 8.

Homer Philosophy , Plaster Head, covered CobwebsYesterday’s plans I consider a success. It does one good to have a day of total relaxation, a day to brush aside the cobwebs.

According to the news, nothing happened.

The BBC News didn’t even change headlines all day Sunday, so one can only assume that nothing happened.

Bit different this morning. Russia has got it’s tits in a tangle now that their puppet is a wanted man instead of being president of the Ukraine. It seems as though Ukraine could be leaning toward the EU again and that is more than likely to miff the Russians.

The Ugandan president signed into law the new laws relating to homosexuals. Making it the country with the most draconian laws on the matter in the world.

plane3Remember the old DC-10, a much maligned and problem prone aircraft. The last one flew from Bangladesh to England yesterday. Many of these aircraft crashed with big losses of lives.

It was an Air New Zealand one that crashed into Mount Erebus in the Antarctic killing all aboard. I remember that night, I had just started work on night shift and heard the news that it was overdue, then presumed missing; a traumatic night.