I was hopeful this would happen when installing XP yesterday... but it didn't

I was hopeful this would happen when installing XP yesterday… but it didn’t

Stop it now! I had hoped that once the Sochi Olympics were over, that the noise would die down.

But Sochi is over, Pussy Riot is in jail again, Russia is back to normal.

I surprised myself. I had lunch at lunch time. I have to stop doing these strange things it will upset my equilibrium. I don’t want to stay on the straight and narrow, it’s boring… it’s normal.

Can you guarantee they're safe?

Can you guarantee they’re safe?

A spectre rising again from the horsemeat scandal a few months back, has reported that an Irish company was not only putting horsemeat but using putrid green meat in it’s hamburger patties.

Now I know why I don’t buy hamburger patties, but make them from freshly minced beef from the supermarket; I watch then mince it.

I just read that Disney’s Magic Kingdom raised the price to $99 a day. Now I understand why I have never been there. I wouldn’t pay $5.

Must have a nap before work.