I should go to class today, but I don’t want to. I am lacking the impetus, and if I can get my student on the phone, I won’t. It’s too hot.

I have just come back from the supermarket. On a hot day that’s tiring. I had to go, I have been meaning to go since Saturday, but put it off to Sunday, then Monday I was determined and I had my PC drama, so that scotched that idea. Tuesday wasn’t a goer, because I had an earlier class than normal.

It's green

It’s green

I don’t normally drink vodka, but today I saw an apple flavoured one, R$6, so I thought why not? Let’s do something daring.

An American couple have unearthed a hoard of 1,427 gold coins in mint condition buried under a tree. It’s estimated that the value is over $10m.

I must start looking at trees a little closer for a rusty tin.

The pope is worried over the violence in Venezuela, what about the Venezuelans? He suggested dialogue… LOL, that’s a laugh. Dialogue is useful when you are dealing with intelligent people, not psychotic despots; they prefer monolgue. Interesting to note that a party loyal has now criticised Maduro and the violence he has created.

A group of Brazilians afiliated to Anonymous have threatened to disrupt official websites for the FIFA World Cup as an extension of the protests over the government’s extravagant spending on the cup.

Can’t raise my student on the phone, looks like I’ll have to put my big-boy pants on and go.