I am more than a little behind today.

Up until 3am installing XP again. Yes, the PC decided it wasn’t going to PC anymore and shut down. So I missed the second half of the Flamengo/Emelec (Ecuador) game. It was a good result, 4 or 5-1.

Up at 7am and off to work to get the driver for my router. Installed it, finally got a signal. Transmitting, but not receiving.



Trouble free motoring

My server-type guy came around, plugged in his laptop… Perfect.

Turns out that the ethernet plug on my motherboard is stuffed.

Aaaarrrggghhh! again

Rush into town, buy a new ethernet board, R$31, get home, installed it, and XP didn’t want to recognise it.

Aaaarrrggghhh! again

Finally, after threatening to drop kick it out the window, it decided to cooperate… and here I am, just in time to tell you why I haven’t been around all day before I go back to work.

Got a heap of emails and comments to see to later tonight. I’ll get round to you all, and thanks for hanging in there.

gmo-babies-engineered-in-labs-gorillawireYou remember all the kerfuffle about GMO crops… That’s nothing, the Americans are talking about GMO babies. Yes, you read right, BABIES.

Must get ready to go…