Some people need these keys

Some people need these keys

Yes, I’m pondering.

Looking at a blank screen.

I just need the ‘coffee key’, although a ‘wine key’ could be a welcome diversion.

I am listening to football in the background. Fluminense is on the way to losing, which means that a Flamengo win in the 6:30 game prematurely gives them the Carioca Championship, two rounds early.

Nothing has happened today. The usual coffees, a nap, late lunch, and I’m here writing another lacklustre post.

Had to laugh over the Ukraine situation. The Russian defence minister said they had nothing to do with causing the Crimea/Ukraine situation. What a load of old bollocks, if Russia had kept out of the Ukraine decision to go EU, instead of filling ex-president Yanukovych’s head with fanciful ideas causing him to do a U-turn, there never would have been a situation.

ZlatoPrazskeBeerYesterday, I drank two bottles of a Czech beer that I had bought at the mall the other day. They were on special, R$9 down from R$19, I just can’t resist a bargain.

Zlato Prazske lager. Nice, better than Brazilian slops, a taste almost reminescent of NZ malt beer.

Fluminense have just equaled; not good. This doesn’t guarantee Flamengo the cup. Still 25 minutes to go….

I have often heard the term the ‘open range’ and always figured it meant out in the country, open fields.

But this has been clarified for me.


Who would have figured the explanation would have been so simple?

Leaving you to ponder that point.