I’m getting in early today before anything has a chance of stuffing up a lovely Monday.

Life is just like that... won awards

Life is just like that… won prestigous awards

Last night I was given a hint on irc by an old friend how to search for my old blogs. It didn’t work. But it did work for him, and by following the links he got, I managed to find some, but not all. I managed to find bits and pieces of my old personal blog, Life is just like that… The blog is gone, but a web archive has some pieces.

Unfortunately the main page was archived, but the structure of the blog didn’t allow the ‘read the rest of the post’. So that was a bit of a humbug.

Finally today, I managed to install CorelDraw10. Found another way to skin the cat.

I made fresh coffee this morning, much better than yesterday’s watery effort. I tried to skimp on the quantities because I didn’t want couldn’t be bothered opening a new sack of coffee. Doesn’t pay to skimp.

I see Kim Jong-un won the ‘election’ in North Korea. That’s pretty easy when you’re the only candidate. There were two choices, yes or no; I bet they didn’t count the ‘no’ votes, so he got 100%. Whoopie!

Man just keeps screwing up. From the 1960s CFCs (refrigeration and aerosol propellants) have been banned as they were identified as the biggest threat to the Ozone layer. Now scientists have discovered that four new CFCs are kicking around in the atmosphere doing even more damage. The tricky bit is, they don’t know where these new CFCs are coming from to tackle the problem.

It’s back to work today. Carnaval is over. I don’t feel like going beck to work, this 10 day break has filled me with lethargy. But, I have to force myself, no work, no money; no money, no beer, BBQ, net nor food. Oh we live in such a wicked world.

Just before I go, check out this post… just click on the image.

WARNING: Do not drink coffee nor any other beverage when reading this post.

Oh, you clicked on the image before reading the WARNING, well that’s Monday for you…