Coffee-Mug-Quotes-12And, that’s about the news.

Truly, nothing has happened today, it could be that I haven’t been outside the gate to see if anything has happened.

I’ve been as far as the gate. But only to see if the power bill has arrived; it hadn’t.

Today is the 12th, usually the pay-by date is about the 8th, so as sure as hens lay eggs we’re going to get hit with a late payment fee again for the third month in a row. This is how our power companies make a profit. The bastards!

I still have to go and pay the internet provider acct. So you can guarantee that the power bill will come tomorrow, so I have to make the trip again. Honestly, the deck is stacked against us.

I see in the news that new evidence has come to light over the Pan Am flight that was blown up over Lockerbie in Scotland. It appears that Libya and Gaddafi had nothing to do with it. The new evidence points heavily toward Iran arranging Palestinians to do their dirty work in retaliation for the US knocking an Iranian civil airliner out of the sky a few weeks previous. More egg on the face for America.

Colorado is smiling all the way to the bank. The first tax collection since the sale of marijuana was made legal netted $2 million on sales. I wonder now how many states will be rushing to make a profit?

It’s getting-ready-for-work time again. I have to leave early to pay the net bill.