Got your attention?


Last night I went along to visit Clorinha, I took the camera. Unfortunately the battery was almost flat, so I didn’t get great shots as I was more worried about getting the camera to work, than composition.

Clorinha's first public appearance

Clorinha’s first public appearance

She’s about five weeks old.

And one with Mommy…


Yesterday at the supermarket, I bought her first bag of kitty food; and this morning I prepared the kitty litter box between coffees.

Lunch today will be Shepherd’s Pie… I need to find some fresh Shepherds.

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

Four cans just leapt off the shelf into my shopping cart

Had a terrible night last night, up and down for cold showers to combat the heat, and drinking cold water like a fish to combat the dry horrors from the salted BBQ meat. I drank three cans of Guinness at the BBQ.

Yes, I found Guinness in the supermarket, so I got four cans. Then a bit further along the shelf there was Murphy’s Irish Stout…

I’m beginning to believe there may be a God after all.

I drank most of the Guinness as Black ‘n Tans to make the stout go further; and then there was the bottle of Argentine white wine…

It was a great afternoon.

Today is forecast to be hotter than yesterday, so beer will be a feature of the day again. I can tolerate the heat as long as there is beer within reach.

Time for a nap I believe. Most of my blogging is done for the day.