PoohAnd, I’m not discussing Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin nor anything as sweet as Hunny!

I am talking crap!

The kind of crap that happens either in the throne room or on Mondays.

Foregoing the former, and concentrating on the latter; crap happens on Mondays. I have always espoused this theory, and it’s true.

I left home yesterday, everything was fine, PC lights blinking in their friendly comforting manner as I flicked off the screen. It was when I arrived home… the net was down. Probably my fault, probably the PC not wanting to play the game. I spent until 1am trying this and trying that, uninstalling, re-installing. Nothing worked.

I went to bed in a huff.

Morning, nothing had changed. Finally, at 8:01 I rang the service provider… “Anything wrong with the net?” “No, hang on, I’ll check.” Seconds later, “Ah, yes there’s a glitch!”

I shudder each time I ring him, because it’s usually my fault or somewhere in the nether regions of my PC. I was vindicated and I smiled as I clicked off my cellphone.

Seems like it!

Seems like it!

So now it’s nearly 11am, this is the first netty thing I have done, oh this and I quickly read the news.

I have a shitload of work to do, because I didn’t get all my blogging done yesterday.

I don’t really know where to start.

So the sensible thing is to have a nap; then make more coffee.