The moon is made of cheese

Then I will think about a post. I am taking no chances, it’s Monday, and if I’m in bed nothing can go wrong.

There, I have denapped. Wonderful hour unconscious, and nothing went wrong.

Now, I have a whole fifteen minutes to entertain you before I have to sprint hobble out the door for class. Yes, I don’t ‘sprint’ anymore, most unseemly; pretty unsightly too.

I’m on the coffee. Haven’t needed paracetamol for my tooth today, I told you that Brazilian coffee was stronger.

It was reported that they have decided there was never was on the Moon, of course not, it would make the cheese inedible.

I see WP is trying to confuse me again. I clicked to ad the caption and instead of the old coloured symbols on the left, I got a stubby pencil and cross in black & white on the right; a bit of rational thinking and I got it right.

I don’t frequent franchises like McDonald’s and Burger King, but I have often hear the expression a ‘Big Mac and Cheese’… Never had one. Perhaps I should have.

funny-Mac-cheese-screen-computerEven though I’m not a Mac fan, I could sell it.

Still a cool day, rained a little. The serralheiro (sawer) came and fixed my gate this morning. Now R$80 poorer, but the gate opens and closes better than before. Now I have to get the lock fixed and I can do away with the chain.

I should finish here, I have two minutes before I leap into action, and I am still in my underpants…