I was lying on the sofa watching the news, cheese board and beer in front of me, when it suddenly hit me…

I haven’t posted here today!

Wednesday night football is due to start in 10 minutes, so it’s going to be a right short post.

One of the cheeses I was eating was Gruyere, one with some holes in it; they say the flavour is in the holes… Have you ever wondered how they get the holes in cheese?


Mystery solved.

I see the Pope has sacked the ‘Bishop of Bling’ in Germany. The ‘Bishop of Bling’ has been blung! Spending over €31m on his residence.

The North Korean men have been ordered to wear their hair in the style of Kim Jong-wanker. What a bloody narcissist?  He wants the rest of North Korea to look as stupid has he does.

putin-mykraineI read that Putin has shrugged off the idea of being expelled from the G8, now the G7, and has formed the G1.

He will meet himself in Sochi as planned and expects to be elected chairman unopposed.

Rumour has it that there will be no dissent to his further atrcocities.

Later… football