Yes, there’s nothing like coffee at 4am complete with the aroma of singed knuckle hairs; I was too slow pulling my had back.

You see, I use my old cigarette lighters to light the gas. Once the lighter has run out of gas, the flint still has six months or more use and I refuse to buy these fancy schmancy contraptions to light my stove. Besides, they usually crap out in a couple of months.

4:30am Coffee…

ironman2Can’t sleep, went to bed early, couldn’t sleep then either, got up and watched the start of the Monday night movie. Iron Man 2, ten minutes was enough of that crap and went back to bed after a midnight hamburger.

I resisted the temptation to light the candle behind my screen and blog. I was sorely tempted having been without a connection for 60+ hours. But I stayed strong and steadfast and slept soundly until 4am.

I have a shit-load of emails a lot of fan mail to catch up on, and new posts to read on followed blogs; which I have been doing between coffees. Still got a lot to go.

Being without the net for so long has left me at a loss, I have experienced this before, but got over it eventually. The net was back on when I returned home last night from class.

Normal blogging will resume soon.