A ‘do nothing’ day.

Apart from this my seventh post for the day, I have cooked lunch and washed the dishes…

And now I have 20 minutes to post before making that trek hobble to work. I hope my students arrive today; they didn’t last week.

Yesterday I had a new student. Class confirmed at 9am and relayed to me via the bossette. 1pm, I was at the course, 1:30pm I rang bossette, student hadn’t arrived. She rang him and he had cancelled and just not bothered to tell anybody… bloody lovely. Some people are just so considerate.

Pasadena Refinery, Texas

Pasadena Refinery, Texas

Screwed… Yes, Brazil was screwed. Apparently, Petrobras (the oil giant here) bought half a refinery in Texas. Pasadena was valued at $42.5m in 2006 when it was bought by Astra of Belgium. Later it was obliged to buy the other half by US courts because of a clause in the contract. Petrobras has to date paid $1.321bn… Now that’s being screwed big time!

Well, the time has gone… Must put on my big-boy pants and look like a teacher.

It’s going to rain. Ominous clouds out there. I only hope it holds off till I get to work.