Bet this kid doesn't like Easter either

Happy Easter at his expense

I hate Easter.

The shops and supermarkets are full of Easter Eggs, devoid of any nutrient value, hanging from special frames in the aisles just high enough so you bang your head on them to remind you they are there. They make the aisle dark and dingy, so you can’t see clearly what you are really there for.

Also, I lose my Friday classes.

This year is bad, not only do I lose Friday classes, but Monday’s (Tiradentes) and Wednesday’s (St George) as well. Typically, because Monday and Wednesday are public holidays, nobody will work Tuesday… so BANG! another day’s classes lost.

We celebrate Easter with pagan symbols of fertility, eggs and rabbits. The eggs are coloured and the bunnies are cute ‘n fluffy. Why don’t we celebrate Easter with a good bonk? That’s a real fertility symbol. Easter is not about Jesus, nor his crucifixion, nor his resurrection; it’s about the Spring (northern hemisphere) equinox; guaranteeing the fertility of the soil for the coming growing season. The church heisted the pagan celebration so they could say the pagans had been converted.

Nothing to do with the crucifixion

Nothing to do with the crucifixion

Oh, and Hot Cross buns, nothing to do with the crucifixion… The cross represents the Southern Cross constellation. But they are delicious…

Here’s a good Easter Exposed post.

I hate Easter!

No doubt I’ll rant some more about Easter before the event.

Cool, sunny day, so far. Lunch will be fish-somehow.

I haven’t read the news yet, so there is no commentary today.

Having said that, the sun has disappeared behind a cloud…