Wot you doin?

Wot u doin?

I am no longer catless.

Clorinha arrived about a half hour ago.

She’s been watered and fed, and so far hasn’t shown a propensity to poop anywhere. She’s got a little dirt box with fresh sand and at the moment she’s having a wash on the bed.

She has a little more colour than her dad, she’s not quite white, but a very light tan. But she definitely has daddy’s ears and tail.

She’s had a little cry, but seems to be settling in okay.


Having a little wash

Having a little wash

It will be lonely for her later, because I have classes at 4pm and won’t be home until 7.

Unfortunately, I can’t just ring my students and say, I’m kitty-sitting.

Another fine sunny day, not too hot.

I’ve watered the plants, and dug out some weeds growing along the road. It was beginning to look a little unsightly.

Lunch will go by the board. I need a nap as I have lost time with receiving the kitty.