First of all I had to deal with a change in policy by the local power company, that took precedence.

This is what I get when I google the light company...

This is what I got when I googled the light company for an image here. Somebody’s got their algorithms up the wop.

They have changed the billing system, and no longer send accounts to your home. Without going into details as to why, this means I can’t pay my bill, because I don’t have an account.

It was helpful that the company didn’t tell anybody.

I only found out by neighbourhood gossip and it has put me at risk of having the power cut this week.

I explained the position to my bossette, and she has come to the rescue and will open an account on my behalf. Aren’t bossettes wonderful?

Hairy potatoes

I have only managed some posts today. The biggest on a Wednesday is CTWW on Eco-Crap, that’s always a two hour job. I discuss the weekly challenge and talk about PC guts and hairy potatoes this week.

I am in an artistic mood. It happens from time to time, I can’t help it. It’s an affliction that I suffer from.

This time I am recycling my oldest PC case, well beyond it’s ‘best by’ date. I want to use the case as a base for a small table for my laptop when I teach classes at home, because my present arrangement is rather precarious and threatens to send the whole lot crashing to the floor.

But that’s not the arty-farty bit.

A couple of weeks ago I rescued an old clock frame from the trash on the street. The clock was stuffed, but the frame was in good condition with the glass intact.

Having gutted the old PC – DDR266 which is so old it was steam powered and would grunt and wail if faced with today’s internet speeds, I was left with a circuit board and bits and pieces…

I am now preparing to combine the two and make a portrait of a PC.

I still have to prepare the background which will be an oil painting of some description, haven’t decided yet and assemble. So it’s a case of recycle, repurpose and hang it on the wall. All in good time; you can’t rush art, some would call this procrastination.

If all goes well tomorrow, I may consider painting a background.

But that’s a fluid plan. Plans that extend over the hours of darkness always are.

I felt like doing something like this

I felt like doing something like this

I have just recovered from another PC crash.

The PC just switched off.

And it didn’t want to start again. Operational system failure…

I tried this, I tried that, I tried other things. I tried to repair the problem from the XP disk but the CD-ROM didn’t want to play CD-ROM games. I changed the CD-ROM, no luck there either; I changed it back again. I changed the boot priority, I unchanged the boot priority.

After an hour or more, suddenly the PC decided it wanted to be friendly again and booted normally. Basically, I didn’t change anything. Damned PCs can be cantankerous at times.

The only sensible thing that has happened in the world is that the Philippines Supreme Court approved birth-control much against the wishes of the Catholic church which dominates there.

So without further ado, I’ll blog along and get some more posts done before the Wednesday night football.


I’ll leave you with a thought. All political news should be prefixed with this or a similar warning…