Years ago I heard the following joke…

A man on a plane hears the woman next to him sneeze, and he observes that she was sent into violent spasms.

It happened again, the blackpeppersneeze and the violent spasms; and again, causing the man to observe, “That’s a terrible sneeze you have!”

The woman agreed and explained that every time she sneezed she had an orgasm.

To which the man enquired, “Are you taking anything for it?”

“Yes,” replied the woman giggling, “black pepper.”

Now today I read that may not be the joke it’s meant to be.

PGAD, I never heard of it before. But apparently many women suffer Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. I’m not going to even try to explain that, but here’s the Guardian link. There are some things that a man just shouldn’t try to explain.

Raining today, nice and cool, students canceled, another day off.

The most exciting thing I have done today was go to the supermarket, although my nap was pretty cool too.

I got waylaid…

It’s now night, and cold, so I’ll be off to bed shortly, but before I go I’ll press the ‘publish’ button.