I have waited all my life to see the bloody moon.


Blood Moon

And what happens, we get a cold front and the sky is totally clouded over.

My mouse is driving me nuts. I need a new one, but when I am near a mouse shop, I forget. It’s a wheel problem, I scroll up to see more test and the text goes down, so I scroll down and the text still goes down.

I have done the dishes. I mention this because it is a rare feat.

Lunch is almost ready, see I have been a busy boy. I haven’t posted yet, but that will come in due course. I have made a curry mince, I just have to cook the rice.

I see that two major newspapers have won the Pulitzer Prize. Guess why? The reports on the Nasty Secrets Agency and Snowden’s whistleblowing. Seems like the only person who doesn’t like this is Obama, he’s still miffed about that.

heartbleed31The Nasty Secrets Agency has denied any knowledge of the Heartbreak security leak. I call bullshit!

That load of arseholes couldn’t tell the truth if they wanted to; and when they have tried you can see the bullshit dribbling from the corners of their mouths.

So far, they have lied to the public, they have lied to congress, the have lied to the president… and they expect us to believe them now. What a joke?

You can guarantee they knew about it, you can guarantee they exploited it, and you can guarantee they didn’t want anyone to find it.