Not in the colloquial sense, I literally flipped my lid.

acapIt was the lid of one of my water bottles that I keep in the fridge. While refilling my bottle, I flipped it and couldn’t find it. Clorinha found it in the morning and was batting it around the kitchen floor.

Today is not a public holiday, but none of the neighbours went to work. It is the day between public holidays, so why bother? Tomorrow is another; St Georges Day.

I’m back, I had a nap…

Now I’ve had a scrappy lunch. Not at all like I had yesterday. I went out to Braseiro and had a wonderful but bloody expensive lunch. Sushi to start, then the beef BBQ started rolling.

After my frugal leftovers and junk the past few days, I felt as though I deserved  a change. But truly after their last price makeover, it’s just off the budget.

I used to do it once or even twice a week, that’s R$240-480 a month; now they’ll be lucky to see me once a month and only at the cheaper price in the evening, which will cost me about R$60 per month. So who loses? Imagine if ten regulars adopted the same attitude…

keepcalmbeeroclockI’m off to have an after-lunch beer; yes, it’s beer o’clock.

BTW, they didn’t get their shit together, no rain yesterday, grey sky out there so maybe today.

banrapLast night was a noisy night, rap rap bloody rap until late. Seriously, it’s a menace.

So, later.