consul360This is the Big White Meat Monster that lurks in my kitchen.

At least that is Clorinha’s opinion.

Whatever she is doing, sleeping, washing, playing outside, tormenting my indoor plants or hiding in the old computer it only takes the whisper of the fridge door opening and there she is.

She’s going to do it hard for the next two days, she’s just eaten the last unfrozen morsel; it’s kitty biscuits from here.

I didn’t get here yesterday. I got most other places, but not here. So today, you are first up. You see, if I don’t get here, I actually feel guilty, I even toss and turn in my sleep with angst… or is that because Clorinha’s biting my ankles again?

Yesterday I made fresh coffee, but I boobooed, I had the filter inside out, so today’s coffee is full of grit; horrible. I am drinking more gritty coffee while I am converting some Clorinha clips.

I mentioned the other day that Clorinha had found a new hideyhole, in the defunct and gutted PC. Here she is coming out, not very exciting, but…

And here I managed to catch her about to savage the fan.

Clorinha deathknellforthefan

On with today’s news.

My first student has cancelled, my last student has cancelled. I wait for the middle student…

A week or so ago, I saw a new fish appear in the supermarket. Alabote, I had no idea what it was. But when I saw it in the second supermarket yesterday, it piqued my interest and I got a pack of fillets. Brazilian supermarkets are full of cheap rubbish fish, polaca do alasca (imported from China), panga (imported from Vietnam) and the like; sometimes they are the only ones available. So I am always on the alert for something decent.


Alabote – looks like flounder

I got home and googled alabote and discovered that it is flounder. I like flounder; let’s see if this flounder is like NZ flounder.

At least its eyes are in the right place, both on the same side of the head.

There have been riots in Rio again. This time over the death of a dancer from a Globo TV show. Copacabana was closed for several hours while the people from the slum above created blockades with burning rubbish. This makes a wonderful picture for tourists coming for the FIFA World Cup. Apparently, he was shot, by whom we don’t yet know. Two reports are on TV, one that he was shot after falling to his death, and the other that he was shot resulting in the fall. There is a lot of confusion over this. Of course his mother is blaming the police. There was a shoot out with drug dealers that night, but some distance from where the guy met his death, but that doesn’t matter, his mother is all over the TV blaming the police. Which is pretty normal for here, it’s always the police, other hypotheses are never considered.

Wonderful bikes, but wrong BSA

Wonderful bikes, but wrong BSA

BSA are in the news again.

No, not these BSA, although they were among the top English motorcycles in their time.

Boy Scouts of America…

They back to bashing homosexuals.

This time they’ve sacked a gay scout leader, who was strongly supported by the church scout group. Further, they’ve revoked the church’s scout group charter because the church’s views on homosexuality were not in line with BSA’s. BSA are full of bullshit. It is my opinion that the World Scouting Federation should revoke BSA’s charter because of their homophobic attitude and be done with it.

Hidden homes have become an issue in Britain. Hidden homes are where people are forced to rent store rooms, space above workshops and on industrial estates in order to live informally. The housing authorities say these ad hoc dwellers are a problem. I call BULLSHIT! The problem is the housing authorities, ergo the government,  not doing their job. Put the damn blame where it belongs.

I have always espoused that one may learn something new everyday or the day has been wasted.

A couple of days ago, I was browsing a photo blog that I follow, All Downhill from Here, and a photo caught my eye. Something strange. It was a wonderful photo of a wasp. Andrew’s photos are always stunning, usually of birds around Hong Kong, but this post was bugs.

Look closely

Look closely – thanks to Andrew for permission to use his photo

Can you see the little red parasites? I had never considered that wasps have parasites. You tend to think of wasps as wasps, end of the matter, but when you delve further, you learn something new.

That’s about my lot for the day, I need more gritty coffee.