avocados1I have developed a fad. Lately I have been eating/drinking a lot of avocados. I hope they’re good for me…

So I googled it. They are considered the healthiest food in the world.

Warning… piece of useless information about appear:

The word “avocado” comes from the Spanish aguacate, which in turn comes from the Nahuatl word āhuacatl, which was also the Nahuatl word for testicles. Yes, I suppose the shape is about right, although the size indicates you are boasting.

About the only thing they are not is an aphrodisiac. Which is a pity when you consider the origin of the word. The last aphrodisiac I tried was oysters… I bought a dozen and only ten worked, damn they were too expensive for failures.


Oh, woe is me

Both my students canceled yesterday, next class, Thursday. No, it’s not! This Thursday is another sodding holiday, Labor Day, May 1st. Next class, next Monday…

That means I’ve will have had two weeks without a class, who’s going to buy my beer?

Went out and had pizza last night. Waddled home like a pregnant duck.

I was full.

Couldn’t sleep, drank water like a fish, then at 1am I was up making orange juice to try and quench my thirst.

Finally dropped off around 3am.

Clorinha has learned a new trick

Clorinha has learned a new trick

I was woken at six with a paw in the face.

Andrew suggested she had a sense of humour… NOT FUNNY!

In the news, the IOC has branded the 2016 Rio Olympics as the worst preparation they have ever seen. A great advert for Brazil.

Saw a news report last night that compared productivity in Brazil with other countries, principally the USA.

Basically, it was saying that the methods used in Brazil are so far behind the times. A five story building in the US can be erected using prefab modules in two months, in Brazil the same building takes two years.

We also have so many public holidays here where the only thing that moves is the right hand; lifting ones beer glass or stoking the BBQ.

This whole affair with the Ukraine, if the pro-Russian brigade want to be Russian, why don’t they shove off to Russia instead of making the anti-Russian brigade into Russians against their will? I’m sure Putin will be pleased to see them on his doorstep.

Now they discover that mega-cities are too heavy. Bit late to discover that now. They are sinking because of the extraction of ground water, and the weight of the cities is more than the ground can support.

Once again, man is the author of his own folly.

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid man is.

I feel a nap coming on…